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%LCA_Distal Technical Report


%LCA_Distal SAS Macro Users' Guide (v. 3.0)


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How to run a SAS macro

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The SAS %LCA_Distal macro estimates the association between a latent class variable and a distal outcome using a model-based approach. The %LCA_Distal macro works with PROC LCA and SAS, version 9.1 or higher.


NOTE: %LCA_Distal version 3.0 and higher are compatible with PROC LCA v. 1.3.2 and higher. Standard errors will not be generated with older versions of PROC LCA. 


Read about latent class analysis or latent transition analysis.



The %LCA_Distal macro provides a model-based approach to estimating the association between C and Z.Features:

  • requires simple, minimal syntax
  • estimates class-specific probabilities for binary and categorical distal outcomes
  • estimates means and modes for count and continuous distal outcomes
  • output includes class-specific conditional densities for continuous distal outcomes
  • accommodates distal outcomes for multiple groups
  • provides standard errors for the binary case (must use PROC LCA v. 1.3.2 or higher)






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