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%TVEM SAS Macro Suite Users' Guide (Version 2.1)


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For use with SAS Version 9.x.


The TVEM SAS macro estimates coefficients in a time-varying effect model. Traditional analytic methods assume that covariates have constant (i.e., time-invariant) effects on a time-varying outcome. The %TVEM macros are able to estimate the time-varying effects of covariates. The %TVEM macro suite includes convenient tools for the analysis of intensive longitudinal data.


The %TVEM Macro Suite includes

  • TVEM (time-varying effect model) SAS macro suite%TVEM_normal for normally distributed outcomes
  • %TVEM_logistic for logistic-distributed outcomes
  • %TVEM_poisson for Poisson-distributed outcomes
  • %TVEM_zip for outcomes with zero-inflated Poisson models, and
  • %GLIMMIX for generalized mixed effects models1.


Features of all TVEM SAS macros include

  • ability to handle complicated models
  • generation of plots for estimated coefficient functions
  • parameter estimates saved to SAS data file
  • ability to specify covariates that have constant effects or time-varying effects, and
  • accommodation different distributions (normal, logistic, Poisson, or zero-inflated Poisson) outcomes measured over time.
  • Option to plot odds ratios and 95% confidence bands for logistic distributions - New in version 2.1
  • Substantial revision of the plots produced by the macros - New in version 2.1



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1This macro was developed by SAS Institute Inc. It is automatically called by the %TVEM macros when needed.

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