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Additional Reading on LCA and LTA

This list includes articles that may be of interest to the readers of our book. Some of these articles applied LCA or LTA in empirical analyses, and others discuss more technical aspects of these modeling techniques. A more extensive list of suggested articles can be found here.

BeLue, R., Lanza, S. T., & Figaro, M. K. (2009). Lifestyle therapy changes and hypercholesterolemia: Identifying risk groups in a community sample of blacks and whites. Ethnicity & Disease, 19(2), 142-147. NIHMSID: NIHMS156379 PubMed

Chung, H., Lanza, S. T., & Loken, E. (2008). Latent transition analysis: Inference and estimation. Statistics in Medicine, 27(11), 1834-1854. PubMed

Chung, H., Park, Y., & Lanza, S. T. (2005). Latent transition analysis with covariates: Pubertal timing and substance use behaviours in adolescent females. Statistics in Medicine, 24(18), 2895-2910. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., & Collins, L. M. (2008). A new SAS procedure for latent transition analysis: Transitions in dating and sexual risk behavior. Developmental Psychology, 44(2), 446-456. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., & Collins, L. M. (2006). A mixture model of discontinuous development in heavy drinking from ages 18 to 30: The role of college enrollment. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 67(4), 552-561. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., & Collins, L. M. (2002). Pubertal timing and the onset of substance use in females during early adolescence. Prevention Science, 3(1), 69-82. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., Collins, L. M., Lemmon, D. R., & Schafer, J. L. (2007). PROC LCA: A SAS procedure for latent class analysis. Structural Equation Modeling, 14(4), 671-694. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., Collins, L. M., Schafer, J. L., & Flaherty, B. P. (2005). Using data augmentation to obtain standard errors and conduct hypothesis tests in latent class and latent transition analysis. Psychological Methods, 10(1), 84-100. PubMed

Lanza, S. T., Savage, J. S., & Birch, L. L. (2009). Identification and prediction of latent classes of weight-loss strategies among women. Obesity, NIHMSID: NIHMS156380 PubMed

Maldonado-Molina, M. M., Collins, L. M., Lanza, S. T., Prado, G., Ramirez, R. R., & Canino, G. (2007). Examining patterns of substance use onset among Hispanic youth in the United States and in Puerto Rico. Addictive Behaviors, 32(10), 2432-2437.

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