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Podcast: New Methods for Smoking Research

Megan Piper, Lisa Dierker, and Stephanie LanzaAugust 28, 2012

Host Aaron Wagner interviews three researchers, Megan Piper of the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, Lisa Dierker of Wesleyan University, and Stephanie Lanza of the Methodology Center. They discuss time-varying effect models, the potential for ecological momentary assessment data to advance smoking research, and an upcoming the special issue of Nicotine and Tobacco Research that will focus on new methods for smoking research.


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Shiyko, M. P., Lanza, S. T., Tan, X., Li, R., &  Shiffman, S. (2012). Using the time-varying effects model (TVEM) to examine dynamic associations between negative affect and self confidence on smoking urges: Differences between successful quitters and relapsers. Prevention Science. PMCID: PMC3372905 doi: 10.1007/s11121-011-0264-z View abstract


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