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Pilot Project: Preventing High-Risk Drinking and Sex Among College Students

Preventing High-Risk Drinking and Sex Among College StudentsApril 13, 2012

A "Methodology Center Collaborative Research Funding" project has been awarded to Megan Patrick, Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. Dr. Patrick will work with Methodology Center researchers Linda Collins and Kari Kugler to establish a program of research based on the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) framework. Her project, Optimizing an Intervention Program Designed to Reduce High-Risk Alcohol Use and Sexual Behavior Among College Students, is designed to identify the most effective components and the optimal timing of an intervention for preventing risky behavior among college students on spring break.


Dr. Patrick previously implemented a web-based intervention, Spring Break Behavior and Health, which helped college students develop more accurate perceptions about levels  of peer alcohol use and sexual behavior. Through her work with the Methodology Center, Dr. Patrick will apply MOST to examine five theoretically-based individual intervention components and develop a new intervention. The timing of the intervention content delivery will also be examined to determine optimal impact. Outcome analysis will use follow-up data to assess the extent to which the program decreases risk behaviors (e.g., binge drinking, unprotected sex), increases protective behaviors (e.g., spacing drinks, condom use), and mitigates negative consequences (e.g., injury, STDs) during spring break week and beyond.

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