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New Book on Missing Data

May 1, 2012

Missing Data: Analysis and Design We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book on missing data for non-statisticians. Missing Data: Analysis and Design was written by John Graham, Professor of Biobehavioral Health at Penn State and Faculty Affiliate of The Methodology Center. The objective of the book is to enable investigators to implement modern missing data procedures properly in their research, and reap the benefits in terms of improved accuracy and statistical power.


The author lays out missing data theory in a plain English style that is accessible and precise. Most analyses described in the book are conducted using the well-known statistical software packages SAS and SPSS, supplemented by Norm 2.03 and associated Java-based automation utilities. Free downloads of the supplementary software are available on this site, along with sample empirical data sets. These materials complement a variety of practical exercises described in the book that enhance and reinforce the reader’s learning experience. Missing Data: Analysis and Design and its web site work together to enable beginners to gain confidence in their ability to conduct missing data analysis, and more advanced readers to expand their skill set.


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