Brittany Rhoades Cooper, Ph.D. | The Methodology Center

Brittany Rhoades Cooper, Ph.D.

Brittany L. Rhoades, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate, The Methodology Center


Assistant Professor

Department of Human Development

Washington State University


Dr. Rhoades Cooper's webpage


Dr. Rhoades Cooper was a pre-doctoral research fellow in the PAMT program from 2007-2009.  Her recent work with Stephanie Lanza of The Methodology Center has focused on using latent class analysis (LCA) models to assess multiple levels of risk in several studies including the Fast Track Project, the Family Life Project, Add Health, and ECLS-K. They are examining how LCA can be used to explore how subgroups may vary in their response to prevention/intervention programs (i.e., differential treatment effects).

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