Michael J. Cleveland, Ph.D. | The Methodology Center

Michael J. Cleveland, Ph.D.

Michael J. Cleveland, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliate, The Methodology Center

Research Assistant Professor, College of Health and Human Development

Research Associate, Alcohol and Skin Cancer Projects

Prevention Research Center

Penn State



A common theme throughout much of Dr. Cleveland's research is the appropriate application of advanced statistical methods to substance use prevention research. He was a post-doctoral fellow in the PAMT program, mentored by Linda Collins with a focus on latent class and latent transition analysis. He has collaborated with Stephanie Lanza; this collaboration has resulted in a paper in The Psychology of Addictive Behaviors that used latent transition analysis to examine patterns of alcohol use during the transition to the first semester of college among a sample of matriculating college students (Cleveland, Lanza, Ray, Turrisi, & Mallett, 2011).

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