Megan Patrick, Ph.D.

Megan Patrick, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Investigator, The Methodology Center


Institute for Social Research

University of Michigan

426 Thompson St, Office 2312

Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248






Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2008 (Human Development & Family Studies)

M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 2005 (Human Development & Family Studies)

B.A., St. Olaf College, 2003 (Psychology, Family Studies)




Research Interests

  • Adolescent and young adult engagement in risk behaviors, including alcohol use, drug use, and risky sexual behavior.
  • Intensive measurement and longitudinal designs to document fluctuations (across days and months) in behaviors and long-term consequences.
  • Designing intervention programs to promote health during adolescence and the transition to adulthood.
  • Methodology Center research areas: adaptive interventions, multiphase optimization strategies



Current Projects and Collaborations

At The Methodology Center, I am working with Linda Collins and Kari Kugler to optimize a personalized, web-based intervention program to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol- and sex-related risk behaviors of college students.


I am also working with Daniel Almirall and Susan Murphy on adaptive intervention strategies to combine universal and indicated approaches for college student binge drinking.

Current Grants

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth and Monitoring the Future: A Cohort-Sequential Panel Study of Drug Use, Ages 19-55

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Role: Co-Investigator

Collaborators: Principal Investigator Lloyd Johston, Co-Investigators Jerald Bachman, Patrick O’Malley, John Schulenberg, John Wallace, Jennifer Maggs, and Kerry Keyes


Intensive Measurement of Drug Use during the Transition to Adulthood

National Institute on Drug Abuse, R21 DA031356

Role: Principal Investigator

Collaborator: Co-Investigator Mick Couper


Optimizing an Intervention Program Designed to Reduce High-Risk Alcohol Use and Sexual Behavior among College Students, Pilot Funding

The Methodology Center, The Pennsylvania State University

Role: Principal Investigator

Collaborators: Linda Collins, Kari Kugler


Prevalence, Predictors, and Consequences of Alcohol Use from Childhood to Midlife

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, R01 AA019606

Role: Co-Investigator

Collaborators: Principal Investigator Jennifer Maggs, Co-Investigators Kristine Hansen, Ingrid Schoon, John Schulenberg, Jeremy Sta



Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Patrick, M. E., Maggs, J. L., Cooper, M. L., & Lee, C. M. (2011). Measurement of motivations for and against sexual behavior. Assessment, 18, 502-516. PMCID: PMC2974960

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Book Chapters

Schulenberg, J. E., & Patrick, M. E. (2011). Historical and developmental patterns of alcohol and drug use among college students: Framing the problem In H.R. White,  & D. Rabiner (Eds.), College drinking and drug use (p. 13-35). New York: Guilford.

Patrick, M. E., Abar, C., & Maggs, J. L. (2008). Adolescent drinking. In D. Carr (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the life course and human development (pp. 1:139-144). Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.

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