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Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments (2005)

Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments Kai-Tai Fang Hong Kong Baptist University

Runze Li Pennsylvania State University

Agus Sudjianto Bank of America

Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis

Volume: 6


Computer simulations based on mathematical models have become ubiquitous across the engineering disciplines and throughout the physical sciences. Successful use of a simulation model, however, requires careful interrogation of the model through systematic computer experiments. While specific theoretical/mathematical examinations of computer experiment design are available, those interested in applying proposed methodologies need a practical presentation and straightforward guidance on analyzing and interpreting experiment results.


  • Blends a modern, sound statistical approach with extensive practical engineering applications
  • Presents numerous examples that clarify the methods and their implementation
  • Presents the most useful design and modeling methods, including some original contributions from the authors
  • Covers uniform design, measures of uniformity, and their algebraic approaches
  • Discusses special techniques for model interpretation such as ANOVA and the Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test

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