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Confidence Interval For Mediated Effect In Multilevel Model
As mentioned during the discussion session at the end of the workshop, Dave MacKinnon's PRODCLIN program allows you to enter the correlation of the a path and the b path (additional piece for MLM mediation) when calculating the asymmetric confidence interval. This program uses the appropriate distribution of a product (a path * b path). It can be downloaded for free as a stand-alone program or as an add-on for popular statistical programs from the following website:


Posted by Amanda Gottschall on June 9, 2010 15:03, website
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Posted by Beyalfarisy on June 2, 2013 22:37, website

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Not only is Penn State’s Methodology Center considered one of the best statistical training centers in the country, but the center is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse—because of this, they can attract well-known speakers who are leaders in substance-use research. This provides a great environment in which we can learn and network.
Michael Marshal, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh
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