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Come See Us at SPR!

Come See Us at SPR! Linda Collins, Stephanie Lanza, Lisa Dierker, Sara Vasilenko, Donna Coffman, and John Dziak.May 1, 2012

Society for Prevention Research (SPR)

Washington DC, May 29 – June 1, 2012


Methodology Center researchers will have a strong presence at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR). We will present symposiums, a special interest group, paper talks, and posters about our research. Specifically featured: our work on adaptive behavioral interventions, optimization of behavioral interventions, extensions of latent class analysis, the analysis of ecological momentary assessment data, and causal inference <--break->


Special interest group: Building optimized prevention interventions

  • Linda Collins, convener


Special interest group: Prevention efficiency and research group (PEPR)

  • D. Max Crowley, convener


Symposium: Innovative systems science methods for the design and evaluation of adaptive behavioral interventions

  • Linda Collins, chair
  • Jessica Trail, speaker
  • Kevin Timms, speaker
  • Yuwen (Shirley) Dong, speaker
  • Lisa Dierker, discussant


Symposium: Uncovering the dynamics of smoking cessation processes: New approaches to analysis of ecological momentary assessment data

  • Sara Vasilenko, chair & speaker
  • Esra Kurum, speaker
  • Mariya Shiyko, speaker
  • Lisa Dierker, discussant


Symposium: New approaches to differential effects: Moving beyond traditional moderation using mixture models

  • Stephanie Lanza, chair & speaker
  • Michael Cleveland, speaker
  • Brittany Rhoades, speaker
  • David MacKinnon, discussant


Symposium: Alcohol and drug prevention for student-athletes: An application of the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) in a multilevel setting

  • David Wyrick, chair
  • Linda Collins, speaker
  • John Dziak, speaker
  • Kelly Rulison, speaker
  • Augusto Diana, discussant


Symposium: Economic evaluation within prevention science: New frontiers

  • D. Max Crowley, chair & speaker
  • Damon Jones, speaker
  • Max Guyll, speaker
  • Margaret Kuklinski, discussant


Paper presentation: Do mothers’ eating behaviors cause daughters’ dieting? Drawing causal inferences from the Girls’ Needs study

  • Donna Coffman, speaker


Paper presentation: Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of real-world prevention efforts: Approaches for estimating the value of evidence-based programming 

  • D. Max Crowley, speaker


Methodology Center scientists will present eight posters throughout the conference as well.


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