Bridget Weymouth, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Fletcher, A. C., Buehler, C., Buchanan, C. M., & Weymouth, B. B. (2017). Parenting stressors and young adolescents' depressive symptoms: Does high vagal suppression offer protection?. Physiology & Behavior, 170, 78-87.
Weymouth, B. B., & Buehler, C. (2016). Adolescent and Parental Contributions to Parent–Adolescent Hostility Across Early Adolescence. Journal Of Youth And Adolescence, 45(4), 713 - 729.
Weymouth, B. B., Buehler, C., Zhou, N., & Henson, R. A. (2016). A Meta-Analysis of Parent-Adolescent Conflict: Disagreement, Hostility, and Youth Maladjustment. Journal Of Family Theory & Review, 8(1), 95 - 112.