Cara E. Rice

Recent Publications

Fish, J. N., Rice, C. E., Lanza, S. T., & Russell, S. T. (2018). Is young adulthood a critical period for suicidal behavior among sexual minorities? Results from a US national sample. Prevention Science.
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Rice, C. E., Turner, A. N., & Lanza, S. T. (2017). Sexual behavior latent classes among men who have sex with men: Associations with sexually transmitted infections. The Journal Of Sex Research, 54, 776-783.
Maierhofer, C., Rice, C. E., Wang, S. - H., Fields, K. S., Ervin, M., & Turner, A. Norris. (2016). Lubricant Use and Rectal Chlamydial and Gonococcal Infections Among Men Who Engage in Receptive Anal Intercourse. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 43(7), 423 - 428.
Vasilenko, S. A., Kugler, K. C., & Rice, C. E. (2016). Timing of First Sexual Intercourse and Young Adult Health Outcomes. J Adolesc Health, 59(3), 291-7.
Rice, C. E., A. Turner, N., Mteve, S., & Norris, A. (2016). Self-esteem and risky behaviors among residents of a Tanzanian sugar plantation: A brief report. International Journal Of Sexual Health, 28(3).
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